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Look To The Horizen

Meet your new Synth & Discover the possibilities of sound

Available for MacOS Windows

  • 10 voice Architecture(Samplers,Synths & Loop Players)
  • Over 850 Samples with Browser favourting
  • VA & Wavetable Synths
  • Load your own Sounds
  • FM on all voices
  • Drag-and-Drop Modulators
  • User defined LFO shapes
  • User defined XY Pad targets
  • Dual per-voice assignable Arps
  • Multi-type Send and Master effect slots
  • Multi-mode Filters per voice
  • Over 350 presets

HoriZEN is a multi instrument in that you can combine, mix & match anything & everything together. Thanks to its multi core (4 voice) sample engine that runs parallel with its (4 voice) dual OSC synth & 2 loop player engine you can create anything that you can dream of – so thats 10 voices in total – add customisations, such as 16 part unison (per voice), multi-mode filters, classic trem/vibrato and not forgetting our new powerful FX engine that lets you now use sends to utilize the 4 send effect slots, with  multiple effect choices in each slot, as well as 4 Master Effect slots with the same level of choices. Our new Modulation system lets you design the way you sculpt sounds, firstly create LFO shapes then drag & drop to relevant place and off you go!

You can switch things like mute/solo per voice as you wish with our clear approach that’s laid out simply & effectively. Moreover, you can use our unique approach to sound layering using our KeyScale function, this is great for sound design & movie productions as is the XY pad where you can automate & record XY movements, that allow the cross blending of one sound with another.

Overall if your into EDM, Trap, Retro or Movies & everything in-between, we think we have you covered. If we don’t we are sure we will. This is not just a synth, it is a platform, and we are committed to a long term relationship with it & you!


XY Pad

Our new crafted XY pad design lets you drag & drop any of the 10 sound source to any of the pad corners (with a max of two sounds per corner) to be modulated by the XY pads movement.This will offer new creative and exciting ways to blend different sources together, you can record your X/Y movements and even save them out and reload them into another sound design project if you wish.

LFO Mods

Our new LFO modulator section, allows you to create, then drag your LFO to designated targets around the plugin, you can create up to 6 LFO modulators in total that can cover a wide range of shapes/speeds that suits your sound creation ideas, and drop any LFO into as many targets as you like.

There are also 2 Key modulators to be used along side 2 Velocity modulators than can refine control further if you so wish.

Each modulator that you create can be either dragged & dropped, or it can be selected from the targets own dropdown menu.

In each modulator you can create fantastic user-drawn shapes to be run over various time sequences, lock time to the DAW tempo, free sync or make your modulation run in oneshot mode. We’ve included some interesting and useful shapes to get you started.

9 Glorious Voice & Master Effects

HoriZEN has a comprehensive and extensive effects system. Every voice has 4 dedicated Send Effects that match up to the 4 Send Effect Slots, alongside these slots are the 4 Master Effect Slots. In every slot you get to decide the effect you want to run from a selection of 9 effects,so you can easily and quickly set up your own sequence of effects. Where appropriate effects also have dedicated LFO systems for further sound design functions if you wish to experiment with a new flavor, and the sends in each voice are themselves modulator targets, so you can modulate the amount of each voice going into each send effect slot.

Player Pages

Horizen has three different player systems.

Arp 1 & 2

A classic arp system with user settable number of steps, tempo(DAW synced), swing, octave movement, and for each step the velocity, note length and pitch shift.  The arp can be configured in 6 different direction settings (including chord playback), Each of the voices in HoriZEN can be routed to one or the other of the arps (or to none at all), so you can have freely playing voices and arpeggiated voices at the same time.

It also boasts a chordal (scale) pitch offset table where the user can pre-select a mode to playback your melody..


HoriZEN includes a dedicated chord player. Sixteen midi keys are set up to playback one of a wide range of chords, users can select the root note, one of 12 different popular chord types and the octave the chord will play in. The user can further select to play the chord as a strum(delays between each note of the chord) and the tempo (user selected divisions of the DAW speed) of the strum playback. Finally you can select to augment the chord with additional notes, for more complicated chord structures.

Drag & drop loops from anywhere!

HoriZEN’s 2 new Loops players allow you to load and play your own audio. They are a way to quickly visualize audio, and use your own audio files. In these players you can drag & drop from anywhere, or even set your own user defined library within its browser so your audio loops are automatically loaded and can be used with the power of the tools available.


Each voice has its very own independent dedicated filter with 9 different custom designed filter types, and offers control over frequency, resonance, a filter frequency envelope, frequency LFO target and a filter frequency key-position modulator

Filter LFOs

Each filter has a dedicated LFO target for the Filter frequency, so you can drag from the modulation section the shape/speed and pattern you so desire.  You can also use the dedicated AHDSR envelope to modulate each note you play. 


In HoriZEN, you can have ultimate control on how the sound shaping process works, of course there is all the normal stuff like gain envelopes, transpose, pan etc. and we have included tools such as Tremolo (that can be used for pulsing sounds) and vibrato that can be used for pitching of sounds. – also our 16 part unison along with its stereo separation and controllable modulation functions, and not forgetting the octaver that enhances a sound by adding notes an octave above & below that can be blended into the main source sound.


Plug-in formats:

Windows: VST3 – 64 Bit
Mac: AU & VST3 – 64 Bit


Serial Number Protection
No iLok / Dongle Needed

System Requirements:

“Windows” 7,8,10 or above
4 Gb ram / 7 Gb free space on the sample drive
“Mac” OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
4 Gb ram / 7 Gb free space on the sample drive
macOS Catalina / Big Sur Ready
Not Mac M1 Native


The offical Trailer for HoriZEN