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Look To The Horizen

Power and Flexibility, our journey begins – meet your new synth

Available for MacOS Windows

  • 7 Voice hybrid Rompler
  • XY pad for flexable sound design
  • Custom LFO Shapes
  • 4 Sampled & 3 Synth Engine OSCs
  • Dual mode filters & LFOs
  • Over 500 Sound sources
  • 8 Unison engine per each voice
  • Clear and clean layout
  • Over 500 Presets

HoriZEN is a multi instrument in that you can combine, mix & match anything & everything together. Thanks to its multi core (4 voice) sample engine that runs parallel with its (3 voice) dual OSC synth engine you can create anything that you can dream of – add customisations, such as 8 part unison (per voice), multi-mode filters, classic trem/vibrato and not forgetting the FX section where you can have 2 FX in each sampled voice, and 4 master FX of your choice.

You can switch things on/off as you wish with our Matrix approach that’s laid out simply & effectively. Moreover, you can use our unique approach to sound layering using our KeyScale function, this is great for sound design & movie productions as is the XY pad where you can automate & record XY movements, that allow the cross blending of one sound with another.

Overall if your into EDM, Trap, Retro or Movies & everything in-between, we think we have you covered. If we don’t we are sure we will. This is not just a synth, it is a platform, and we are committed to a long term relationship with it & you!


XY Pad

The 4 sampler based voices utilise a flexible X/Y Pad assigned to volume. The gain profiles used in the X/YPad have been extensively trialled to assure musical and useful results wherever the end user positions the X/Y Pad cross-hairs.  The X/Y Pad comes with a comprehensive play-back system that includes a number of predefined X/Y movement patterns, the ability for end-users to record their own patterns, pattern retriggering, pattern speed settings and pattern playback direction.


The Matrix is a quick fire way to sort differnt selectable sources quickly, from Envelope to Filters to modulation effects, all 4 sources can be engaged in realtime depending on your needs

Its also a Voice selection switch, V1>V4 are the sample engine sounds, you can choose to engage, level pan and set the sample offset start position & its octave range via semi-tones

Each voice has a key range control to set the MIDI key range it will respond to, included is an optional fade-out control to allow gradual fade off for each voice at the edge of its key range.

9 Glorious Voice & Master Effects

HoriZEN has a comprehensive and extensive effects system. Each of the sampler voices has 2 dedicated independent effects slots, each slot can hold any of 9 different effects, as selected by the end-user.

HoriZEN has 4 dedicated independent Master effect slots, each of which can hold any of 8 different effects as selected by the end-user.

Player Pages

Horizen has three different player systems.


A classic arp system with user settable number of steps, tempo(DAW synced), swing, octave movement, and for each step the velocity, note length and pitch shift.  The arp con be configured in 6 different direction settings (including chord playback), Latch, MIDI thru(plays the original note as well as the arp), and note-ties.


HoriZEN features three independent gates, two gain -based gates and a filter gate. The Gain gates can set number of steps, depth of the effect, tempo(synced to DAW tempo) and inter-step smoothing, and for each step the overall gain(Volume) to be used. The filter Gate utilises a dedicated multi-mode filter, and the user can set the filter type (9 types), the number of steps, the tempo(DAW synced), and inter-step smoothing as well as the initial filer frequency and resonance. For each step the gate sets a user defined frequency.


HoriZEN includes a dedicated chord player. Sixteen midi keys are set up to playback one of a wide range of chords, user can select the root note, one of 12 different popular chords and the octave the the chord will play in. The user can further select to play the chord as a strum(delays between each note of the chord) and the tempo (user selected divisions of the DAW speed) of the strum playback. Finally they can select to augment the chord with additional notes.

Synth Engine

The HoriZen synthesis engine consists of 3 voices, each voice is made up of two oscillators cross-faded together. Each oscillator has a classic set of controls: Oscillator shape – ( Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Noise along with some variations of some shapes to change up the harmonic content – Square 2, Triangle 2, Trapezoid 1, Trapezoid 2), Octave, fine pitch control, volume and pan. 

Voice 7 is defaulted to 1 octave below voices 5 and 6, so it can be used as a sub.


Each of the two independent filters has 9 different custom designed filter shapes, and offers control over frequency, resonance, a filter frequency envelope and a filter frequency key-position modulator

Filter LFOS

Each filter also has a dedicated LFO assigned to frequency.  Each LFO can utilise one of 6 different shapes including a multi-segment user-drawn custom shape. The LFOs offers further control over LFO speed, depth and fade in. LFOs can be set to be free-running or retriggering, synced to DAW tempo or use independent timing. LFOs can also be set to loop or one-shot modes.



Plug-in formats:

Windows: VST3 – 64 Bit
Mac: AU & VST3 – 64 Bit


Serial Number Protection
No iLok / Dongle Needed

System Requirements:

“Windows” 7,8,10 or above
4 Gb ram / 7 Gb free space on the sample drive
“Mac” OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks or above
4 Gb ram / 7 Gb free space on the sample drive
macOS Catalina / Bigsur Ready
Not MacM1 Native


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